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Profile image of Glynis Owen"Glynis Owen`s work travels the fluid line between figurative and abstract art."

In stone, glass and metals, Glynis Owen creates distinctive civic, private and commemorative works from her studio in Hampstead, London.

She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors and a member of the Printmakers Council. An author of books on the techniques of sculpture, she is also a consultant and designer of awards. Her work has been commissioned and widely exhibited and is held in both public and private collections.

Sculpture: 'Elemental Dance (abstract Glass female Dancer statuettes)'

by Glynis Owen

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Glass Sculptures of females by artist Glynis Owen titled: 'Elemental Dance (abstract Glass female Dancer statuettes)'
Glass Sculptures of females by artist Glynis Owen titled: 'Elemental Dance (abstract Glass female Dancer statuettes)' - Artwork View 1
Sculpture description:
The translucent quality of this glass sculpture reflects the ethereal spirit of the dance of the elements. The figure dances, representing the four elements of water, wind, fire and earth. As she dances, she stretches her arms upwards, touching the flowing water as her hair is blown by the wind. A flame motif borders the hem of her dress representing the element of fire and the back of the dancing figure is textured, symbolizing the earth element. With light behind the glass figure she almost seems to come to life!.
Artist's comments:
I made this sculpture in glass, following a commission for a life-size stone carving on the same theme for the garden of one of the icons of the ?sixties pop world. The ethereal quality of the spirit of dance seemed perfectly suited to be translated into the translucency of glass in this smaller version.
Dimensions/size: 42 x 33 x 9 cm (height x width x depth)
approx: 1 ft 4 1/2 in x 1 ft 1 in x 3 1/2 in
It is a maquette sculpture
It is a statuette sculpture
It is a four fifths lifesize sculpture(0.8)
Edition: 1.10
Medium: glass
Sculptor: Glynis Owen [sculptor profile]
Price: £

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Availability: Yes, for sale.*
Category: Dance Sculptures and Ballet Sculptures
Spiritual sculpture
Mythical Sculptures
Glass / Transparant Sculptures
Sculptures of females
Weight: 13.6 Kg / 29.92 lb
Title: Elemental Dance (abstract Glass female Dancer statuettes)
Finish: etched
Recommended Usage: Indoors and as a Garden Sculpture
Year: 2005
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Glass Sculptures of females by artist Glynis Owen titled: 'Elemental Dance (abstract Glass female Dancer statuettes)' - Artwork View 1

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