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27th Wedding Anniversary Gift or Present sculptures statues statuettes

Congratulations. Look here for Thoughtful Gifts or Presents for your Twenty Seventh Wedding Anniversary of Quality sculptures . Well done you two have certainly earned it

Abstract Modern Contemporary Avant Garde Sculptures statues statuettes figurines statuary both Indoor Or outside

abstract sculpture or has an abstract Element in it by many different sculptors.They can be either abstract bronze sculptures or abstract bronze resin sculptures . There will also be abstract sculptures in stone, marble, Steel and a host of other materials. COMMISSION CUSTOM 0r BESPOKE, See also Special subcategories of abstract or Semi abstract Art

Abstract Contemporary or Modern Public Art sculpture statues statuary

For big large monumental outsize Contemporary abstract or Modern Avant Garde sculpture in the public domain or destined for it. If considering commissioning a fine piece of site specific abstract sculpture, this is a good starting point, to see what the best sculptors are capable of. Custom Commission or Bespoke can be quoted for

Abstract Contemporary or Modern Outdoor Outside Exterior Garden / Yard Sculptures statues statuary

Best Price for Modern abstract Contemporary Avant Garde sculpture for Outside Outdoor External use in the garden Yard or open space. abstract sculpture or statues or Water Features or Fountains in bronze, stone, marble, bronze resin, stone resin, marble resin, Metal and stainless Steel. Ideal sculptures for the Yard, garden, or the home, or the conservatory, or the workplace and the public space

Abstract Fish sculptures

Look here for Aquatic abstract Fresh Water or Seawater Life statues sculptures statuettes

Abstract Loop sculpture/statue/ statuette

Look here for sculptures or statues that incorporate a Loop or loops for both Indoors Inside Interior Decoration In a House or Home and Outside or Outdoors and Exterior display. Most of the sculptors are happy to carry out Commission Custom or Bespoke work

Abstract Plants Fruits Trees Leaves Flowers statues sculptures

Look here for abstract Contemporary Modern interpretations of Plant Life sculptures statues statuettes

Adult with Young Animal Bird,Reptile or Amphibian, Fish statues

look here for the Adult with Young of all Animals often called Calves, Lambs, Foals, Colts, Kids, etc. the young of Birds, Nestlings, Chicks, Fledglings, Ducklings, etc Insects like Caterpillars, Pupae, Amphibians like Tadpoles etc

African Animal & Wildlife Sculptures

Best Price search here for all the wild and domesticated animal sculptures of Africa like Lions, Hippos, (Hippopotamuses), White Rhinos, Black Rhinos, (Rhinosauruses), Gazelles, Gorillas, White backed Gorillas, African Elephnts, Warthogs, African Apes, Girafffes, Zebras, Camels, (Ships of the Desert) Big Cats, Leopards, African Snakes and Serpents, Hyenas, Jackals, Ant eaters, Aardvarks, Wildebeestes, Vultures, Nile and African crocodiles

Allegorical /Parable Sculpture

Look her for Allegorical sculpture or pertaining to allegories with reference to Biblical Parables in Christian Jewish and Muslim and other World Religions and Beliefs. See also Inspiration sculptures

American Animal Bird Reptile & Fish sculptures, statues, statuettes,figurines

Look Her for Animals to be found in North and South America and Canada to Include Chipmunks, Cougars, Jaguars, Polar Bears, Grizzly Bears, beavers, Grey Squirrels, Lamas, Alpacas, Condors, Bald Eagles etc

Anatomy,Hands and Feet sculptures

Look here for sculptures in stone bronze, ceramic, wood marble etc of sculptures of hands and feet and possibly arms and legs.ears breasts noses toes and other parts of the body

Angel Sculptures

Look here for Angels of all sorts, both sacred Angel sculptures as well as profane Angel sculptures

Animal Birds Fish Busts or Heads or Masks or Trophies For Sale or Commission

Look here for Animal Bird or Fish Busts or Heads, Trophies and Masks, either Wall Mounted or Self supporting on a Plinth or Stands Commissions Look here also for Suitable Artists Sculptors and stone Masons by looking at their Work

Animal Form: Abstract sculptures

abstract sculpture that has an animal as its source of inspiration. It could include sculptures in bronze, bronze resin, steel, iron, stone, marble, alabaster, ceramic, Raku, wood, willow etc. The animal sculpture categories have been devided up accoring to how popular each is so there are sectioms for Farm animal sculpture, wild Animal and African sculpture, horse, cat, bird sculpture as well as several others to choose from

Animal Kingdom Sculptures

Animal sculpture that is animal, bird, reptile, fish, crustacian, shellfish, mammal, aquatic, mythical or Insect or has an animal in the sculpture. For example Horse and Rider, would probably be in both Animal and Human sections. Both wildlife sculpture and domesticated animal sculpture feature in this section.See also the various subsections of animal sculpture, in bronze, bronze resin stainless steel, iron, wood, marble, alabaster, stone and acrylic, ceramic, and plastic

Animals and Humans sculptures, Statues and Statuettes

Look here for Animals and Humans inter-relating sculptures, statues, statuettes, Figurines and carvings. See also Horse and Riders, Humans and Animals categories

Antelope sculpture

Search for here Antelope sculptures see also..Deer sculptures African Animal sculptures Wild Animal sculptures

Aquatic sculptures Fish/Shells/Sharks/Seals/Corals/Seaweed

Look here for all sculptures/statues/Figurines/statuettes relating to Marine Creatures including Fish Whales/Porpoises/Dolphins/Turtles/sharks Sea Shells/Crustacea/Corals/Seaweeds See also Individual section as wee as Seashell catecory wic also includes Land Shells like Snails/Slugs etc

Architectural Sculptures

sculpture that has a strong Architectural element such as a sculpture of a building or is a part of a building like a column or finial.contemporary sculpturtes of temples, buildings, houses, and other domestic and other Architecture

Arte Nouveau Style sculptures

LooK here for sculptures or statues in the Style of Arte Nouveau so closely reminiscent of the Raphaelites on the on hand and engendering the Arte Deco Movement on the Other. This does not mean that any of this Art is by Artist from before the Great War

Aspirational/Inspirational Sculptures or Statues

Look here for Inspiration sculpture based on Sayings Truisms, Adages or Quotations which are abstract, semi abstract or figurative Also sculpture that Gives Hope Encouragement etc or Simply promotes Bien Etre ora Good Feeling

Assemblages sculptures usually Wall Hung or Mounted

Look here for Assembled sculptures comprising of many different smaller Pieces of similar or different materials, collected together to form a pleasing whole

Athletes Athletics Runners Cyclists Hurdlers Sprinters High Jumpers,Throwers Putters

Look here for Stars or Champions or Examples of Athletics Olympics Sports Track and Field Events

Australian & New Zealand Wild Life

Look here for Antipodean Animals, Birds Insect, Reptiles and Plantlife that are Typical of Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand

Awards, Trophies, Presentations & Prizes sculptures

The sort of sculpture that would be an original and ideal award to win, either as a one off or something that can be competed for every year. These are just ideas that might lead you to decide to commission a variation on something you have seen on this website. if nothing immediately fits your asperations. Presentations for VIPs or retirements

Baby Infant Young Child statue sculpture statuette

Look here for Baby Infant sculptures statues statuettes figurines

Badger, Otter, Beaver, Weasel, Wombat Sculptures

Search here for sculptures of badger, Otter, Beaver the weasel family of animals, which include stoats, Ferrets, Ratels, wombats etc. the sculptures come in a wide variety of materials and styles and include, wood, marble, bronze, stone, stainless steel, corton steel, ceramic (China, clay, pottery, terracotta) as well as resin combined with stone, marble, bronze, stainless steel, corton steel, iron, as well as sculptures in resin combined with the above materiel

Balancing Sculptures

Look here for those sculptures that Balance in seemingly impossible ways

Bas Reliefs or Low Reliefs

Look here for all Bas Relief sculpture in bronze, stone, marble, copper, steel, stainless steel or resin s etc Have a look also at "Flat or Thin sculptures ", and "Plaques" section

Bears Sculptures

Look here for sculptures of bears of all sorts including Polar bears sculptures, Brown Bears sculptures, Black Bears, Russian Bears, Honey Bears, Toy Bears, etc. You can expect to find these animal sculptures in a variety of materiel, like, marble, bronze, stone, wood, ceramic (china, pottery, clay, terracotta, raku, etc) as well as most of the above combined in resin

Big Game Fish Sculptures and Statues

Search here for the Fish that are Big Game like Marlin, Blue Marlin Shark, Sword Fish, Sail Fish, Salmon, Trout, Etc

Birds Abstract Contemporary Stylised l Minimalist Sculpture/statues

Look here for all Birds sculptures/statues/figurines/statuettes/that are abstract Semi abstract Contemporary or Modern or Stylised in any way

Birds of Prey/ Raptors Sculptures

Look here for sculptures, statues, statuettes and figurenes in bronze, bronze resin, Steel, stainless Steel, Steel Wire, Silver, stone, stone resin, marble and marble resin of Eagles, Falcons, Hawks, Hobbies, Owls, and sculptures of all hunting birds, birds of prey, and raptors as well as scavengers like Vultures

Birds Sculptures or Statues

Search here for all Contemporary sculptures of Birds. From Avocets to Yellow Hammers, Eagles to Humming Birds, and Parrots to Penguins including Ducks and Geese (wild fowl) Chickens and turkeys will be in Farmyard sculptures, under African Animals sculptures, or garden Bird sculptures, or Birds of Prey below. Bird sculptures are usually in bronze, bronze resin ceramic (pottery and china, terracotta, clay, raku) wood, marble, stone or castiron, aluminium, stainless steel and other materials

Boats Ships Canoes Dinghies sculptures Yachts statues

Look here for Boats Yachts Ships Canoes Dinghies Rafts or any Floating Vessels Look here for Matters Maritime, Marine Nautical or Naval


Some of our artists have turned Author or have had books written about themselves and/or their Work

Buddha sculptures statues figurines statuettes

This is an area Devoted to sculptures of Lord Buddha and Work associated with him

Buildings , Structures and Parts statues or sculptures

Look here for, sculptures of Famous Buildings like Buckingham Palace or Structures like the Eiffel Tour. as well as bits of architecture...see also Architectural sculptures

Busts and Heads sculptures statues statuettes Commissions Bespoke Custom Portrait Memorial Commemorative sculpture or statue

Look here to commission a Bust or Head Portrait Custom Bespoke Commemorative or Memorial to look for that special bust

Caricature Sculptures

This Category is for Amusing Distorted Humorous Wittyand Light Hearted Cartoon Like Comic Depictions of the subject

Carved Lettering sculptures

This highly specialised sculptural skill is respected and treasured for its discipline and artistry and is found on monuments, buildings, and as sculpture in its own right on marble, stone, masonary, bronze s, and bronze resin s etc. Whilst it is a tradition stretching back to the dawn of history, the modern and contemporary interpretations are both interesting and varied

Carved Stone , Marble, Alabaster, Soap Stone

Look here for Carved statues, sculptures, statuettes, Bas Reiiefs, in marble, stone, Granite, Alabaster, Soap stone (Polyphont) etc

Carved wood sculptures

search here for carved wood sculpture. it could be gilded or painted statue or sculpture or in natural colour

Cats Sculpture

This section contains all sculptures of cats, and here are pet and domestic cats only. Siamese, Burmese, Ally cats, Tom cats, Manx cats etc. bronze resin and bronze are the most popular materiels whilst ceramic (China, clay, teracotta and pottery) sculptures are also included sculptures of Wild cats and Big cats have their own category below

Cats Wild and Big Cats Sculpture

This section contains all the sculpture of cats that are not domesticated and live in the wild. Wild cat sculptures include such animals as Lynx, pine martin, bobcats etc and Big Cats sculptures include Lions, Panthers Leopards Tigers, Cheetahs, Jaguars, Materiels are usually in bronze, stone, marble, for the larger sculptures, whilst table top ones come in bronze, silver, silver plate, and even Gold, as well as ceramic

Cattle, Kine, Cows,Bulls, Buffalos, Bullocks, Heifers,Calves, Oxen, Bison, Aurocks, Yacks

look her for sculptures, statues, statuettes, and figurines. This category may cover sculptures of Cows, Kine, Bulls, Bullocks, Oxen, Bison, Buffalo, Wildebeeste, Heiffers, Calves, in a wide variety of sculptural materiels to include, aluminium, stone, slate, marble, stainless steel, corton steel, bronze copper, lead, ceramic (Clay, pottery, Raku, china etc) wood and precious metals like Gold and Silver.As well as semi precious materiels like Jade, onyx anmd fabric etc

Celebrity & Star Sculptures

Search for sculptures, statues, Busts and Portrait Heads of Stars and Celebrities drawn from the World of Pop Stars, Film Stars, Sports Stars, International Models some Politicians and TV Personalities and Comedians

Celtic Knot Work and Traditional Sculptures

Ceramic sculptures

Look here for sculptures, statues or figurines made from ceramic to include, China, Pottery, Terra Cotta, Raku, Clay, Bisque, stone Ware

Champions sculptures statues statuettes figurines

Look here for champions, winners, sports people

Chickens Hens Poultry Cocks Cockerels Roosters Chicks Turkeys Farmyard Fowl Domestic Ducks & Geese

Look here for sculptures statues statuettes of Domestic Poultry including Hens Bantams Fighting Cocks Turkeys and Geese Ducks

Children Playing sculptures or statues or statuettes

Look here for Little Boys and Girl s in all forms of Play, whether Organised like Sport or just spontaneous. See also sculpture of Children

Circus/Stage Performer sculptures or statues

Look here for sculptures or statues of Performers or Acts of Stage or Screen or Circus in all the media like bronze, stone etc. See also Celebrities and Horse, Animal and Human sections

Classical Oriental Sculptures

Art that is Traditional and of the very highest Quality sculpture or Carving of the East

Classical Sculptures and statues

Typically a figurative sculpture or statue harking back to Greek or Roman Sculptural Traditions, though Ancient Egyptian and Minoan sculpture and its derivatives could also appear here. They are generally regarded as figurative or human, men, women and children in the traditional materiels like marble, stone, and bronze . The contemporary equivalents include reconstituted stone or marble and bronze, stone and marble resin s, sometimes known as cold cast

Cloud, Breeze, Wave & Wind Sculptures

Search Atmospheric Elemental sculptures, statues Ornaments and statuettess depicting Clouds, Wind and Waves both abstract and and Modern Interpretations

Column Pillar Columnar sculpture statue statuary

Look Here for Vertical Columnar Pillar shaped sculpture statue or statuary If nothing fits the bill ask for our Custom Commission or Bespoke service

Commemoratives and Memorials Sculptures

Memorial sculpture. look here for sculptures created in memory of famous people or loved ones.Also commemorative sculpture of bygone activities Artists who specialise in this field are also experts in portraits and commissions can be readily quoted for. bronze memmorials or stone/marble memorials are the most usual though commissions in all the conventional materiels can be quoted for. See also Portrait sculptures

Commission and Custom Sculpture

If you are looking to Commission or Custom a sculpture for a project in the garden or a Public Place or have a Portrait done this should be your 1st port of call to check and compare styles and skills. look out for Commission sculptures or statues or Busts in bronze, bronze resin, Csst marble, Carved Wood, marble and stone of People, the Famous, Celebrities, Famous Sportsmen and Women, Pets Animals, Pop Stars ans Movie/Film Stars

Conceptual Art Sculptures statues often Large or Monumental Abstract Art

Search for Conceptual sculptures of any sort in most suitable Materials. If nothing suits ask for our Bespoke Custom or Commission service

Conservatory sculptures

Find here sculptures for the conservatory for reasons of avoiding the effect of exposure, like Alabaster/Wood/Fabric sculptures, Or for greater enjoyment by greater proximity

Construction Abstract Sculpture Statues

abstract sculpture statuary statues that are fabricated, constructed welded, riveted or glued from pieces of steel Iron or other metal, wood or plastic that has to be assembled on site. Often Very Large Outsize Monumental Extra Big Feel free to ask about our Commission Custom or Bespoke service

Contemplative, Restful, Thougtful sculptures

Look here for all the above and might include, Day Dreaming, Meditative, Peaceful sculptures or statues

Corporate Sculptures

If you are looking to commission a sculpture for the Office, the Workplace, the Town Hall or a Commemorative Monument for the Urban Landscape of a famous Sportsman, Famous Figure, or Statesman/Woman look here. see also under Portrait/Commission sculptures and sculptures of Men and Women. suggested materials include, bronze, marble, stone or slate if for public display sculpture. see also Memorial sculptures

Couples or Group Sculptures

Look here for sculptures of several people, in family or other groups. figurative sculptures in bronze, bronze resin S, stone, stone resin, marble, marble resin, and a variety of other materiels like Slate, Copper, stainless steel. Wire netting, Wire Mesh and bronze Mesh are just some of what ios available from time to time. See Also "Love and Affection sculptures " and "Parent and Child sculpture" for "Mother and Child sculpture" also Religeous sculpture for "Madonna and child statues "

Crucifiction Christian Cross Alter Piece sculpture statues carvings statues statuettes sculpture depicting the crucfiction

look here for sculpture of the Crucifiction of Jesus our Lord in Wood stone Metal marble Alabaster Granite Lime stone bronze Steel Copper etc

Crustacia,Lobster,Crab, Crawfish/Crayfish Sculptures

Look her for any sculptures or statues of Shell Fish or Crustacia like Crabs, Land Crabs, Lobsters, Crawfish or Crayfish, Giant Crabs, Land Crabs, Horseshoe Crabs, Hermit Crabs, Spider Crabs, King Crabs, Prawns, Shrimps, Langoustes, Langoustines, Crevettes, Ecrevices

Dance Sculptures and Ballet sculptures

Modern and contemporary sculpture depicting Dance in all its forms, Ballet Dancers, Modern Dancers, Traditional Dancers, Tribal Dancers, Ballroom Dancers, nude dancers erotic dancers Etc. Dance equipment such as ballet shoes could be found here. See also under nude s, Torsos, portraits, busts and heads as there may be portrait sculptures of famous dancers there as well

Deer Sculptures

sculptures of antlered/horned animals apart from Cattle. and include Reindeer, red deer, roebuck, fawns, harts, as well as the African and Savannah ones like, Gazelles, Spring bok, Dic-dic, Antelopes, Oryx, etc. The larger sculptures are usually in bronze and aluminium whilst the smaller one come in bronze as well and also in silver, ceramic for the small or table top sculptures

Dog Sculpture

sculptures of all breeds of dogs, domestic and wild, including Wolves, Jackalls, Hyenas and Foxes. sculptures of Chewawas, greyuhounds, Afgans, Salukis, Labradors, Pointers, Terriers, Lurchers, Alsations, German Shepherds, Dobermans, Dalmations, Colleys, Spaniels, Setters, Retrievers, Yorkies, bronze is stiil the most popular medium for large and small sculptures though stone and marble can be used on the larger sculptures and Silver China, alabaster for the smaller or table top sized sculptures

Dolphins, Whales, Porpoises, Seals, Sculptures

Search here for sculptures or statues that are not strictly Fish, of the Best Price and Quality for members of theFresh Water and Sea Mamal familiies, (Cetaceans) to include Dogongs, Dolphins, Porpoises, Seals, Sealions, Walruses, Whales, Porpoises etc

Domestic Animal Sculpture

Search here for sculptures of animals associated with home, all Pets like Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Hamsters, Gerbils, Guinea Pigs, Parrots, Parrakeets, Canaries, Budgerigars, Tame Rabbits etc. sculptures of some farm animals Like Horses, Chickens, Cockerels, Hens might just be included; though you might be better off looking in their spcific sculpture cattegories as well

Donkeys Zebras Mules Asses & Unicorns sculpture/statue

Look here for Donkeys Zebras Mules or Asses and other animals akin to Horses like, Miniature horses or Farabellas Unicorns or Winged Horses or Pegasus sculptures or statues or statuettes or figurines See Also Ponies sculptures Small little Indoors Horse sculptures statuettes Heavy Horses Work Horses Horse * Riders/Jockes Equestrian Horses sculptures

Dragons sculpture

look here Dragons from all over the world including Chinese dragons English and Welsh Dragons

Drapery Sculpture Statue Statuettes Carvings

Earth Mother Gaia sculpture statue statuettes figurines

Look here for contemporary interpretation of Earth Mother or Gaia or Earth Goddess

Eclesiastical Christian Sculptures, Carvings Bas Reliefs & Statues

Look here for Christian Church sculpture, statues Bas Reliefs, bronze s, Stained Glass, Carvings and Mosaics

Elephants (Pachederms) sculptures, African, Indian, Sumatran

Look here for all types of Elephants, See Also African Animals and Wild Animals

Emerging Form or Face or Feature sculpture statue statuette for sale

Emotion Sculptures

Here are superb examples of Artists or interpreting emotion into three dimensional immages of abstract 0r figurative sculptures . abstract sculptures can come in a variety of materiels. so you will have abstract sculpture in stone, bronze, marble, Steel, Copper, Wood, etc. These abstract sculptures will be expressing a varity of emotuions graphically

Endangered Animal Species Sculptures

Look here for those sculptures of Endangered Animals, Birds, Fish, Reptiles Insects etc that are struggling for survival. Anything we can do to help them to live on must be done. Lookout for those artists who are contributing to this cause, through the WWF or other specific endangered species charities, sculptures of some elephants, some whales, Rhinosaurauses, etc

Every day Objects ( sculptures of inorganic things)

Find here sculpture of every day things be they a car a boat or a building etc. They could be represetational or semi abstract .Sometimes referred to as Applied Aesthetics

Extinct Animals Sculptures

Search here for sculptures or statues of extinct and prehistoric creatures, animals and reptiles like Tyranosaurus Rex, Brontosaurus, Pteraudactyls, as well as the more recently extinguished ones like Dodos, Great Auks, Aurochs, Tasmanian devils, Mamoths, Giant sloths, etc. See also under "Monsters sculptures ", " Reptiles sculptures " This category of sculpture is bound to grow unfortunately

Fairies Imps Trolls Gnomes Pixies Elvesgoblins Hobgoblins Leprechaun Gremlin Elfs statuettess figurines sculptures statues

Look here for representatives from Fairyland like Wood spirits, Imps, Pixies, Gnomes Sprites Goblins Hobgoblins Fairies Sprites Nymphs Trolls Dryads Naiads, etc

Family Groups sculptures

look here for Families Groups and Gatherings sculptures . Often Mother Father and Child or Father Mother and Children, Parents and Children, or Children and Parents. It can include special Family Pets as well

Farm Yard Sculptures

Look here for any sculptures of animal you would expect to find on a farm including Cattle, Cows, Bullocks, Heffers, Bulls, Calves, Oxen Goats, Goatlings, Kids, Sheep, Rams, Tups, Ewes, Lambs, Pigs, Boars, Sows, Weaners, Hogs, Piglets, Horses, Plough Horses, Cobs, Dray horses, Stallions, Sadddle Horses, Cutting Horses, Hens, Cocks, Chickens, Domestic Geese, Ganders, Goslings, Turkeys, Ducks. sculptures in bronze seems to be the popular mediunm for the smaller sizes like table top whilst bronze resin for the life size ones. For abstract animals look under abstract animals. Horses, ponies may appear elsewhere under horses as well

Field Sports,Game Birds and Game Animals sculptures

bronze sculptures for sale of Birds and Animals that have traditionally been Shot or hunted for sport, like hares, rabbits, pheasants, grouse blackcock, wood cock, pigeon, snipe, deer, wild boar, duck, geese and other wildfowl, as well as animals and birds that are used in the persuit of sport like hounds, Grey hounds, Fox hounds, Otter Hounds, Gaze Hounds, Lurchers, Hunters, Cheetahs, Hawkes, Eagles, Falcons, sculptures of Field Sportsmen/Women and hunters, are also included in this section. see also farm animal sculpture and under indivudual categories like birds, dogs, deer sculptures etc

Figurative Abstract Modern or Contemporary Sculptures statues statuary statuettes figurines

Abstact sculpture that has a figurative inheritance or interpretation. could be described as semi abstract sculpture or stylised sculptures . Have a look at the other categories like Stylised humans sculptures and stylised animal sculptures . also see what abstract garden sculptures has to offer. These sculptures could be in bronze, marble, stone, steel, slate, ceramic, or sculptures of resin incorporating these materials

Figurative Public Art Sculptures

Fish sculpture in general

Look here for Fish of all sorts and sizes and materials sculptures statues statuettes

Flamboyant Colourful Exuberant Exotic Gaudy Gorgeous Dedcorative Vivid Gorgeous Spectacular sculptures

Look here for Flamboyant, Colourful, Theatrical, ExoticGaudy Decorative Vivid Gorgeous Spectacular sculptures or statues or Yard/garden ornaments or garden/Yard Decor

Floral, Fruit & Plantlife Sculpture

sculptures of the vegetable kingdom including leaves, plants, flowers, fruits, seeds, bulbs, vegetables, trees, mushrooms and corals etc

Flower sculpture statue

Look here for Floral sculptures or statues of Flowers usually Outsize Large Big for garden Park or Yard

Foxes, Wolves, Wild Dog sculptures/statues

Look here for All types of Foxes, Vixen, Cubs Timber Wolves, Wolverines, Jackals, Hyenas, Wild Dogs, Painted Dogs, Yellow Dogs, Dingoes etc

Friendship Friends chummyness Amicability Camaraderie Cordility Kindred sSpirit

Lok here for sculptures that have an attitude of Camaraderie Friendship Friendliness

Frogs Toads,Newts, Salamanders & Amphibians

Look here for All Amphoibians like Frogs Toads, Newts Salamanders etc

Fruit Sculpture

For fruit sculpture, to include such things Apples cherriies, Peaches, Pears, etc

Functional Sculpture

Sculptural items with a secondary use as furniture or utility, such as benches, seats, tables, urns, bird feeders and sundials

Game Birds including Pheasant Capercaillie Partridge Black Cock Ptarmigan Grouse Snipe Duck Geese Woodcock

Look here for Game Birds sculptures statues statuettes and ornaments

Garden Or Yard / Outside & Outdoor sculptures

Search here for sculpture or statues for the garden the yard or any Open Space. garden sculpture that is abstract, figurative that can be sited in the outdoors in most environments. If you have something particular in mind then contact us so that we can advise a selection in line with your specifications. Adding a sculpture to your garden really adds interest to your outside space, though they may be placed Indoors for equal effect

Garden bird and animal sculptures

sculptures of those birds found around the garden or yard, like robin, wren, blackbird, thrush, pigeon, sparrow, finch, blue tit, dove, owl, etc sculptures of animals could include Moles, Squirrels, hedgehogs, snails and sculptures of insects like ladybirds, scorpions, sculptures of sloworms, lizards, etc

Geometric Sculpture statues statuary statuettes. Usually Abstract Contemporary Modern work

If you are looking for Geometric Design or Geometric Patterns see also Symmetric category. Ask about our Custom Commission or Bespoke Service

Glass / Transparant Sculptures

sculpture that has been made using the difficult medium of glass, or transparent Acrilic.It includes all forms of sculpture including figurative human forms, animals, floral, abstract, etc

Gods or Goddess, or Deity Sculptures

Look here For sculptures of Gods Goddesses and Deities from non Christian, Muslim or Jewish Religions it could include Buddha etc

Green Man Faces, Busts, Heads, Torsos

Look here for portrails of the Green Man through the ages to the Present Day

Grotesque sculptures/statues /figurines

Look here for Grotesque Ugly Horrific Figures, Busts, Gargoyles, Faces and Heads

Gymnast or Gymnastic sculpture/statue/statuette/figurine

Look here for Gymnast sculptures

Happiness/Joy/Exuberance/Wild Pleasure sculpture

Look here for sculptures/statues/Bas Reliefs and Art that gives off any of the above emotions to lift the soul

Hares and Rabbits sculptures

Look here for Rabbits Standing, Rabbits Sitting, Rabbits Lying, Sleeping, Snoozing Drinking, Eating, Running etc and Hares Running, Hares Boxing, Hares Fleeing, Hares Alert, Hares Lying, Hares Playing, Hares Boxing, Mad March Hares and Hares Sitting

Heraldic Crests Logos Trade Marks Carving Cre

Look here for Heraldry/Heraldic Crests Coats of Arms Logos and Trademarks Supporting Beasts Carvings sculptures statues

High relief or Haute Relief Carving Sculpture Wall Panel casting in Bronze/Copper

Place here High or Haute relief Art

Historical Character statues/sculptures

Look here for Historical Figures and Characters, Kings and Queens, Heroes, Great Commanders, Generals, Admirals, Explorers, Politicians and Statesmen and Women, Popes and Prelates of the Past

Horse and Rider/Jockey Sculpture/Equestrian Sculptures

Look here for sculptures of horse and rider combinations, and include Horse and Jockey sculpture, Polo Pony Player, Dressage, Show Jumpers, Dressage, Hunting, Cross country, Point to Point, Hacking sculptures, Rodeo, Cutting and Droving, Jousting, statues and statuettes of Military horses like Cavalry Chargers, Horse Guards, Dragoons, Huzzars Drum Horses statues and statuettes See Also Horse sculptures Heavy Horse sculptures Pony sculptures Small/Little Horse statuettes Large Outdoor horse/Pony/sculptures

Horse Head or Bust or Mask or Portrait sculpture statuette statue figurine

Look here for Horse Pony Donkey Mule Commission Custom Portrait Head Bust or Mask for sale or Commission.Wall Hung or Mounted Horse Family sculptures . see Also Sections Horse sculptures Pony sculptures abstract/Contemporary Horses Ponies Donkeys Heavy Horses Small/Little Horse Family Indoor statuettes Big/large Outsize Outdoor Horse family sculptures

Horse Sculpture/ Equines Race Horses Pack HorseCart Horses Plough Horsess

sculptures or statues of all members of the horse family including Horses, Donkeys, Carthorses, Steeplechasers, Dressage, Polo Ponies, Hunters, Zebras Stallion Gelding Mare Foal Colt Filly Roan Grey Piebald Skewbald Pinto Pal amino Arab Trotter Race-Horse Steeplechaser Hunter Draught-Horse Heavy Horse war -Horse Charger Mustang Bronco Mule Ass scultures

Horses Abstract/Semi Abstract /Stylised/Contemporary/Modern statues sculptures statuettes

Look here for Horses and members f the Horse family Equines Ponies Donkeys Mules Unicorns that are abstract/Contemporary/Stylised/Primitive or not completely Accurate sculptural depictions of the Horse family See also Under Horse sculptures in general Small/little Horse sculptures Big Outsize Outdoor Horse sculptures/statues Pony sculptures/statues Horse relations like Donkeys Zebras Ponies Horse Head/Busts Commissions Portrait sculptures/Masks/Commemoratives

Horses Heavy/ Working Shire,Plough,Dray, Barge, Horses sculptures statues statuettes commissions memorials

Look here for The Heavy/Large Working Horses/Work Horses Carriage Horses Coach Horses Chariot Cart Horses Horses Plough Horses Shire Horses Clydesdale Horses Belgian, Draft Horses Draught Horses Percherons, Suffolk Punches, Farm Horses Etc See also... Ponies sculptures abstract Horse sculptures Horses of all kinds/General Donkeys/Mules Zebras Winged Horses Pegasus sculptures/statues abstract Horses statues/sculptures Small/Little Indoor Horse sculptures/statues/statuettes/Miniatures..

Horses Outdoors, Outside, Life Size, Big , Large, Huge sculptures statues memorials commissions custom made

Look here for life size, Outdoor, Outside, Big or Large Horses, Ponies, Donkeys Mules, for the Back Yard the garden Public/Private Park, Public Space or Courtyard. see Also Horse and Rider sculpture, and Horse, Equine sculpture "Horses Small/Little sculpture Horses Heads/Busts Masks Custom Portrait, Horse family like Mules Ponies Mules Unicorns Zebras Heavy Horses Pony sculptures/statues/statuettes Horses abstract statues/sculptures

Horses Small, for Indoors & Inside Display statues statuettes sculptures figurines commissions commemoratives

Look here for Small/Little Miniature sculptures, statuettes, figurines ornaments of Horses/Ponies/Donkeys/abstract Horses for Desktop, Tabletop and Mantelpiece Display Cabinets, Indoors Inside and Interiors.Dressage, Racehorses, Cart Horses, Heavy Horses, Hunters, Steeplechasers, Jumpers, Polo Ponies, See also.. "Horses Large", "Horses and Equines" and "Horse and Rider sculptures " " abstract Horses" "Pony sculptures/statues " "Horse Heads/Busts sculpture"

Human and Animal sculptures

Look here as well as elsewhere for sculptures, statues, and carvings of Humans and Animals Interrelating. see also Horse and Riders and Animal and Human art

Human Figurative Sculptures

This is more a heading for other categories though it does have sculptures and statues of the human form in all its guises, both contemporary and modern. It is worth while to look also at some of the subsections on the drop menu to speed your search. see als abstract and stylised people

Human Form: Abstract Sculptures

Abstact sculpture that has a strong Human Element or derivation in its inspiration. see also under "Stylised people sculpture" and under " abstract sculptures " and "Stylised Heads sculptures "

Humorous Sculpture

Amusing sculptures that make you smile laugh or just happy. These could appear in other categories as well. These light hearted sculptures appeal to sculpture collectors of all ages and all nationalities. ages and

Hyperrealistic sculptures

sculptures that are so finished that the look real

Indian Animals or Birds

Look here specifically for Animals and Birds of the Middle East India Asia

Indoor figurative sculpture

Look here for the smaller sculptures, statues and statuettes of the human form that would be ideal for Indoors or are too delicate for outside. Some pieces can work inside and outside

Indoor Inside Interior Abstract Contemporary Modern Sculpture/statue/statuette/figurine

Small or table top abstract Contemporary sculpture in bronze, stone, marble, steel, alabaster, resin, ceramic (china, pottery, terracotta clay etc), wood, bone, ivory, jade etc. Also, larger sculptures or statues that are not weather proof and so only suitable for Indoor s. Ask about our Custom Commission or Bespoke service

Insect Sculptures, to include Bees, Ants, Moths Butterflies etc

Contemporary sculptures of Insects like Butterflies, Moths, Grasshoppers, Leaf hoppers, Sand hoppers, Locusts, Beatles, Bees, Wasps, Hornets, Ladybirds, Spiders, ants, Aphids, Preying Mantises, scorpions, etc sculptures of Lepidoptera

Installation Sculpture

site specific work not necessarily using conventional materials and methods. It is felt by many to to be a valid form of sculpture. This is ideal for sculpture in the garden or the larger landscape. It usually incures moving large volumes of earth to creat a totally new configuratin of the lay of the land

Interior, Indoors,Inside Sculpture

Look here for sculptures, statues figurines and statuettes ornaments, figurines, macquettes suitable for Indoor Inside Interior Design and Display and Modern Contemporary Lifestyle.As well as Small sculptures statues, statuettes, Figurines, Ornaments, Maquettes etc that are suitable only or mainly for Inside and Indoor use

Kinetic or Mobile Sculpture or Statue

Look here in this subsection of abstract sculpture for sculpture that is sun, wind or water powered and is an abstract sculpture that moves in some way. A Mobile is a Good Example

Land Art Sculpture

Where the remodelling of the Landscape goes beyond Just gardening and creates an artform that stands on its own merits

Landscape Mountains Countryside sculptures statues statuettes

Look here for sculpture of Miniaturised Landscapes including Crags Mountains Lanscapes Geological/Geographical Features

Lead Crystal Sculpture

search here for sculpture made from Glass with a high lead content giving it particular sparkle that collectors prize

Light and Sound sculpture

sculptures that incorporate the use of light or sound in their composition. These can be abstract or fgurative and make use of Sunlight, Electriclight, Flames or other articial source. Sound sculpture

Literary Characters sculptures

Fictitious Personalities or Characters made famous from Books and Cinema, Television, Stage etc

Love/Affection Sculpture

sculptures showing that greatest of all human emotions between man and woman, child and parent and human and pet

Mask ,Wall Hung Faces and Part Heads

Look here for Portrait and Caricature Faces, Part Heads for Wall Hanging they can be figurative or abstract

Meditation sculpture/statues/statuettes/figurines

Look here for sculptures and Art connected to Meditation or Conducive to Meditation

Military, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines Airmen & Military Equipment

Soldiers, Warriors, Guardsmen, Seamen, Marines, Centurions, Gladiators, Aircraftsmen, Bandsmen, Highlanders, Military, Naval, Air Force, Military Equipment like Guns Rifles, Pistols, Tanks, Swords, Claymores, Halberds, Battle Axes, Vikings, Norsemen, Spears, Cannons, Warships, Aircraft, Rockets, Daggers, Scimitars etc

Miniature sculptures,statuettes or figurines

Look here for really small sculptures normally only a few inches or centimeters high or wide.They Could be categorised sometimes as statuettes or figurines (if in ceramic)

Minimalist Understated Abstract Contemporary Sculpture statuary statuettes

Minimalist Contemporary sculpture in any materiel. Look here for abstract minimalist sculpture or statues or carvings or figurines or statuettes or ornament that has a clean simple shape. Minimalist sculpture comes in wood, stone, marble, bronze, slate, stainless steel, corton steel, ceramic (china, pottery, terracotta) aluminium, and other metals and stone s. Ask also for Commission Custom or Bespoke service

Mixed Media sculptures, statues Garden Ornaments

Look here for sculptures, statues . statuettes, figurines and works of art made from more than one materiel

Modern Abstract Contemporary Avant Garde Sculptures or Statues or statuettes or statuary

Look here for Contemporary Modern and Post Modern abstract Concrete Art, sculptures or statues or statuettes. Ask for our Bespoke Custom Commission Service

Monsters sculptures

sculptures and statues of Mythical monsters or beasts Like Dragon sculptures Wyverns and Hippogriffs and other Mytological that dont fit into a more conventional sculpture classificaton as well as sculptures of Prehistoric Monsters In bronze steel, stainless steel, Wood, fabric

Monumental Contemporary Abstract Modern sculptures

Look here for Very Large Outsize or Monumental Outdoor abstract Contemporary or Modern sculpture or statuary or statues for Sale or to Commission or Customise or Bespoke

Monumental Sculptures

Sculture that is over 3 metres tall

Mosaic sculptures

Mosaic is almost as old a tradition as carving and casting sculpture and has been used as wall and floor covering since ancient times in ancient Egypt, in Greek and Roman villas and Temples as well as Persia India and China

Mother and Child, the Madonna, mother and children Sculptures

Look here for sculptures of mother and child, mother and children and of course The Madonna and the Christ Child, Mary and Jesus in all the varities of materiels including bronze, bronze resin, marble, marble resin, stone, stone resin, carved wood, as well as all the ceramic choices of pottery, china, clay, terracotta, plaster etc

Mounted Heads, Masks, Wall Mounted Busts of Animals

Look here for Animal Trophy Heads, Masks, Wall Mounted Heads, Mounted Busts of Animals, Moumted Heads and Mounted Heads and Shoulders Wall Mounted Animal Faces sculptures in bronze, papier Mache Plaster etc

Musical/Musician sculptures

This are is for sculpture that relate to Music and Musicians in bronze, bronze resin, marble, stone, plaster, reconstituted stone . abstract, semi abstract and figurative sculptures of musical instruments as well as commissioned sculptures of Famous Musicians

Mythical Sculptures

sculptures from Myths and Legends and fairy stories Norse Sagas etc

Nativity Scene sculptures carvings statuettes statuary

Look here for Nativity scenes sculptures

Necktie Sculptures

sculptures using the form of the traditional Necktie as a basis in a variety of poses and usually cast in bronze

Nude or Naked Couples or Lovers

nude or Naked Men and Women, Young or Old Lovers Dancers, Gods and Godesses

Nudes, Female Sculptures

Look here for sculptures and statues of female nude s and naked women in all sorts of materiels like bronze, stone, marble, slate, iron, copper, bronze mesh, terracotta, reconstituted stone, resin bronze s, resin marble and stone . see also under "Torsos", "Dance sculptures ", "Clasical sculptures ", and " sculptures of women" "Sexual, Erotic and erogenous sculptures "

Nudes/ Male Sculpture

search here for sculptures and statues of the male form nude, naked and unadorned. they can come in bronze, bronze resin, marble, marble resin, stone, stone resin, and reconstituted stone, cast iron steel, terra cotta, ceramic, pottery, slate, wire mesh, bronze mesh, wood, etc See also sculptures of men, Torsos

Objects of desire sculptures

If you are looking for sculptures of/or inspired by inanimate/inorganic objects like Furniture, Cameras, Cars, shipwrecks, the Sea, buildings etc, This is the spot

Objets Trouve or Found Objects sculptures or statues

Look here for sculptures or statues made mostly from Found Objects or Objets Trouves see also Recycled Objects section

Octopus, Cuttle Fish, Squid, Pearly Nautilus Amonite

Look here for Octopus, Squids, Cuttle Fish, Pearly Nautilus, Ammonites, Calomares, Ink Fish, Giant Squids

Organic/Abstract Sculpture

abstract organic sculptures that have Plant life derivations. So you will find abstract sculptures that have been inspired or derived from natural things and so expect abstract sculptures of flowers, plants, trees and herbs

Other Aquatic Creatures Seahorse Star Fish Jellyfish Sea Urchins sculptures statues

Look here for Other Sea or Freshwater Life like Seahorses jellyfish Mermaids Sea Urchins Star Fish sculptures statues statuettes

Outsize,Very Big, Extra Large & Massive Sculptures

Look here for sculpture/statues that are much Bigger than life size, It could be a Massive Insect or Animal, or Giant Leaf form, Flowers or Fruit

Papier Mache sculptures or statues

Look here for sculpture made in the ancient art of Papier Mache

Parent - Child Sculpture

Find sculptures and statues of Family or Parent and Child combinations here. They can be in a great variety sizes and prices as well as materiels. These figurative sculptures can be in bronze, bronze resin, stone, stone resin, Reconstituted stone, aluminium, marble, marble resin, Slate, Terracotta, ceramic, Wood etc Mother and Child is probably the most saught after combination though ther are usually family group sculptures, Father and Son sculptures as well. Commissionig a sculpture from one of these artists is both rewarding and fullilling. see also under Religeous sculptures for Madonna and Child sculptures or statues Also click on sold sculptures to see what else is feasable as a basis for commisioning a sculpture for yourself. Also see Couples and Group sculptures for ideas

Peace sculptures or statues or statuettes

Look Here for sculptures that support promote or depict Peace or are inherently Peaceful

Pet and Animal Portrait Custom or Bespoke or Commission Commemorative or Memoriaql sculpture statue

When considering a Commission Customising bespoke sculpture prtrait 0f your favourite immortalised in a sculpture portrait, and you would like to have a preliminary discussion, give Peter de Sausmarez a ring on 00 44 1481 235571 and he will point you in the right direction, as this is a very specialised field.Pet portrait sculpture is very popular in bronze, bronze resin, ceramic, and to a lesser degree in wood as it is less amenable to minor alterations which is so important in Pet portrait sculpture. see also under horses/equine sculpture and specific animal sculpture or statues

Phallic sculpture

Look here any sculpture that are Phallic see also Sensual sculpture

Pigs, Sows, Boars, Hogs, Piglets

Look Here for all sculptures to do with Pigs, Sows Wild Boars Hogs Piglets Domesticated or Wild

Plant Outdoor outside Garden or Yard Sculpture

Look here for sculptures or statues for Outside Outdoors Decoration garden or Yard life size or larger

Plaques, Medals, Medalions, Coins, Tokens, Commemorative Customised Commission or Bespoke

Look here for sculpture for Commemorative Plaques, Medals, Medalions, Coins and Tokens

Plinths, Bases, Stands, Blocks, Pediments

Look here for ideas and suppliers of any of the above for you sculptures

Polo Pony & {Pony sculpture/statue/statuette/figurine/ornament Portraits Commissions Memorials

Look here for Polo Ponies in Action or repose in bronze or metal or wood or ceramic 0r silver for Indoors Inside as a presentation, Prize or award commission or customize. Also Ponies in General including Shetland Pony Welsh Mountain Pony Pit Pony Farabella Miniature Horse See Also Horse Equine sculptures abstract horse sculptures Horse Head or Bust sculpture Work Horse statue/sculpture

Polychrome Sculpture

Find here statues, sculptures, statuettes, and Figurines that are coloured. This will cover all sculpture disciplines

Pool, Pond, Lake Stream or River Water Feature

Look here for sculptures, statues, Carvings, Fountains, Water Features and garden/Yard Ornaments that relate to or designed for display in or on any of the Above

Poolside Sculptures

Look here for sculptures to go beside and in the pool, pond or lake, in bronze, bronze resin, marble, stone, reconstituted or cast stone, stone resin, and other materials. Included are sculptures of nude s, People, Frogs, Dogs, Children, etc. see also Water Features, nude s, figurative sculptures, sculptures of Children, Women, Men, Amphibians, Fish and Aquatic sculpture sections

Pop Art Sculpture

This area specialises in depicting the very best in Celebs, Pop Stars and Gliterati, as well as the sculptural movement that emerged under this name in the 50s and 60s

Portrait sculptures/Commission or Bespoke or Customised sculptures

Look here to find an Artist Sculptor who you would like to discuss a Customised or Commission or Bespoke a Bust or sculpture or statue of who you want Remembered in a Commemorative Memorial Memorial

Precioue Metale Sculpture Statue Ornament Figurine Statuette

Look here for sculpture cast in precious Metals like Gold and Silver

Predators Carnivores Hunters Flesh Eaters sculptures statues statuettes carvings

Look here for Birds Animals Fish Amphibians and Insects that are Carnivores and eat Flesh or Mear Prey on others

Pregnant and post Pregnant Women or Femalessculptures

Look here for sculptures statues statuettes figurines of that glorious time just before and after that Miracle of Birth, when woman often look at their most radiant and beautiful and fulfilled

Primate sculptures

sculptures, statues, or statuettes of Gorillas, Apes, Chimpanzees (Chimps), Marmozettes, monkeys, look under specific species, like sculptures of Capucin Monkeys, Mandrills, Baboons, Orang-utan, Meckacks, Rock Apes, Silverback Gorillas. see also under wild animal sculptures and African Animal sculptures

Primitive or Naive style Sculpture or Statuary

Look here for sculptures, statues, statuettes, figurines, castings or carvings done a Naive or Primitive Style

Proud of Pride In Self Confidence sculpture statue statuette

Look here for people who are Proud in the nicest possible way Self Confident Pride

Public Art Sculpture

Here you will find sculpture that has been commissioned for Public display .. Usually Momumental sculpture, in stone bronze or marble : however public sculpture can slso be in steel iron, or other materiels. Here you will find sculpture for a town square, sculpture for a Public Park or a statue for a public building or similar situation. IMPORTANT.As many public sculptures and ststues are not for sale now LOOK in the Archive sections as well If you are considering a statue or sculpture, in bronze, stone, marble or other materiel for your Corporation these will give some idea what is available to commission. If there is no sculpture that fits the bill, contact Peter de Sausmarez on + + 44 1481 235571 who will be able to point you in the right direction

Public Park or Urban Landscape or Corporate sculpture/Fountain/ Sratuery

Look here for Large Big or Massive sculpture/statuary or Fountains on a Grand Scale suitable for a Public Park or Space and Urban Landscape Feature or Town/City Square

Recycled Materials/ Objets trouvees or Upcycle sculpture statues statuettes

sculptures that are made from reused material, like bits of steel, bits of wood etc that has been worked into a sculpture

Religious Sculpture

A COLLECTION of RELIGIOUS ART. drawn from any world religion both modern and contemporary sculpture and tradiditional sculpture in stone wood marble bronze aluminium, resin etc see also spiritual sculpture

Repair, restoration and conservation of sculpture

restore your damaged and broken sculptures, statues, bronzes and statuettesby getting quotes from our experts below. Please note that we hold no reponsibility for their workmanship however they would not be accepted on ArtParkS website unless they had cosiderable talent

Repetitive Form/Shape Abstract sculptures/statues

Look here for sculptures or statues or monuments that have used a basic simple or complicated shape repetitively to create a pleasing and telling effect, sculpture/statue/statuary/decoration/statuette for Outside in the garden, Outdoors in the Yard, or Inside/Indoors in the house or Home

Reptiles Sculptures & Amphibian Sculptures

Search here for any sculptures, statues or statuettes, of an Aligator to an Iguana, a snake to Lizard, a Prehistoric monster to a Frog or a Newt and toad

Rodents sculptures

look here for rodents including Rats, Mice, Shrews, Squirrels Rabits etc

Round Disk,Dish, Flat Circular Ring Shaped sculptures/statues statuette statuary

Look here for Circular, Disk, Bowl/Dish, Round Flat Ring shaped sculptures or statues or garden Decorations or Ornaments See Also "Geometric" and "Spherical" sculpture/statues

Satirical sculptures statues statuettes

Look here for Satiticle sculptures

Sculpture of Children

sculptures of children by many different contemporary sculptors, sculpting in many parts of the world in a delightful variety of styles in Brone, bronze resin, marble, marble resin, stone and stone resin, Slate, bronze and Wire Mesh. They are usually in the round but some come in Bas Relief. Children are a particular favourite to Commission so if you are considering this have a good look at the different styles by the different Sculptors See Also:- Couples and Group sculptures, Dance sculptures and Ballet sculptures Portrait and Commission sculptures look in "Also Sold sculptures "in grey below for more ideas

Sculpture of Men

sculptures of the male form by many different sculptors

Sculpture or Statues made from Metal Rods or Bars

Look hers for sculptures or statues made from Metal Bars Rods Pipes or Small Tubes, See also Tubular sculptures and Wire sculptures

Sculptures of females

sculptures of the female form by many different sculptors. These sculptures of females come in a number of different interpretations of the female form. nude sculptures are particularly prominant, Semi- nude and fully clothed sculptures are also represented in a varity of sculptural poses, ranging from clssical sculpture right through to the present days ideal of in includes all ages.. female children, female teenagers, female adults and women, mothers and grandmothers

Sculptures of Sport

Athletes, boxers, Gymnasts, Tennis players and Sports personalities

Seed Nut Pod Grain Mast Fruit Stone Pip Pit Cereal sculpture statue statuary Carving Casting

look here for sculptures/statues of Hard Fruit in bronze stone metal and marble etc

Sensual sculptures or statues

sculptures statues or statuettes dealing with Titillating subjects

Sharks, Rays, Devil Fish

Look here for sculptures, statues, statuettes, figurines and ornaments of all members of the Shark Family like Big White Sharks, Whale Sharks, Basking Sharks, Hammerhead Sharks Rays, Sting Rays and Manta Rays etc for sale

Sheep, Ewes, Rams,Tups,Lambs,Wether, Sculptures or Statues,

Look here for sculptures or statues of any of the above and Tag, Teg, and any of the breeds like South Down Hampshire Down, Dorset Horn, Cheviot, Welsh Mountain Sheep. Romney Marsh, Ovis, Poll sheep, Merino sheep, Black Face, Bighorn sheep, etc

Shells sculptures including Land & Sea & Freshwater Shells Fossil Shells

sculptures for sale and commission of Snails and fresh water and Sea Shells in bronze, ceramic (china or pottery) for inside or in the garden the office or terrace Mostly sculptures in bronze, ceramic and stone but also Cold Cast bronze resin, reconstituted stone, stone resin, marble and marble resin ceramic/Chins/Pottery Etc

Shoal of Fish Pod of Dolphins Whales Potpoises sculptures statues

Look here for sculptures or statues ofFish or Dolphins or Wales in Shoals or Pods

Sign of the Zodiac

Look here for your Birth Signs

Silhouett, Flat, or Thin or Two Dimensional Bas & Low Reliefs Sculptures or Statues

Flat Scuulture is proving very Popular for outside in the garden or Wall Mounted Indoors as Interior Decorations See Also "Plaques" section. Two Dimensional statuette/statues/sculptures cut from Steel/stainless Steel/Copper/bronze/Iron/aluminium and other sheetMetal orMateriel

Site Specific Sculptures or Statues

Site Specific Encompasses a wide variety of Criteria, Materials, Disciplines and Prices. and any shown on this site are just to be used as a rough Guideline for future Commission or Bespoke or Custom .Art sculpture or statues

Slow Art usually Abstract Modern & Recycled

Look here for Slow Art which has its Roots in the Peaceful and Unhurried Movement incorporating Recycled Materiels

Small /Little Abstract Contemporary sculptures/statues

Look here for Small or little Shelf Top desk or Table Top Anstract Contemporary Carving statuettes figurines sculptures for sale or commission

Small Animal sculptures

Seek here for small sculptures of animals or sculptures of small animals, like Mice, Moles Shrews Frogs, etc, or conversely small sculptures of large animals Like Elephants, Tigers, Lions, Horses etc

Small bird sculptures

Look here for sculptures of small birds like wrens, humming birds, robins, sparrows etc or small sculptures, statuettes or figurines of the larger birds like Eagles, Emus, Ostriches. boobies etc

Small Game fish like Trout,Salmon Grayling and Other Angling Fish

Look here for fish classed as game fish like Rainbow and Brown trout and Salmon and Angling Fish like Pike etc

Small/Little Figurative sculpture/statuette/ statuary/ornament/figurine

Look for small or little Table Top/Desktop, On Mantlepiece or Cabinet Indoor Interior or Inside sculptures/statuette/ornaments for sale

Spherical Globe like Ball shaped Round Abstract Contemporary sculpture statue statuette

Look here for any sculptures or statues or statuettes that are Round Globular, Spherical, Ball shaped, Circular Oval Egg shaped or there-a-bouts See also "Geometric" and "Round"

Spiral Twisted sculpture/statue/carving

Look here for Art that has a predominant Spiral or twist Usually abstract Contemporary Modern or Architectural sculptures/statues/statuettes/garden or Interior Ornaments or embellishments

Spiritual sculpture

Search for the sculpture that fulfills the spiritual in you.Buddah sculpture, religeous sculptures Yoga sculptures meditation sculptures .etc. See also Under Religeous sculptures

Square Rectangular Cube shaped Abstract sculpture statue

Look here for abstract Contemporary Modern sculpture statuary that has a predominantly Rectangular or Square shape

Stained & Decorative Glass Panels

Look here for Decorative Stained Glass Panels as Dividers Windows Indoors and Outside

Stainless Steel Abstract Contemporary Modern Sculpture

Look here for abstract stainless Steel garden/Yard/Public Park or Urban Landscape Contemporary Modern sculpture statue or statuary or Decoration

Stylised Birds sculptures/statues/statuary/ornaments figurines/statuettes

Look here for stylised Birds which are Semi abstract

Stylised Heads/Busts Sculptures

When searching for heads and busts that are more abstract than portrait

Stylized Animals Sculptures

Here you will find sculptures that are between abstract and accurate depictions, and can be similar to figurative abstract sculptures, abstract figurative sculptures or semi abstract sculpture

Stylized People Sculptures

sculpture of people that is somewhere between pure abstract and finely realistic


sculpture that also acts as a solar timepiece. stone Sundials, Brass Sundials, bronze Sundials. They also include Armillary Spheres

Surrealist Sculpture

This category is for finding surrealist abstract sculpture

Suspended Sculptures or Statues or Statuettes

Symmetric sculptures/statues/statuettes/ statuary

Look here for sculptures statues statuette statuary that are usually abstract Modern Avant Garde or Contemporary and have a strong symmetric Element see also Geometric abstract sculpture

Tabletop Desktop Small Indoor Statuettes Figurines sculptures

Look here for Little or Smaller Indoor sculpture that will look good on the Table desk Mantlepiece or Shelf See also Interior Indoors sculpture and Small Animal sculptures and Small Birds sculptures and Indoor Inside Interior abstract sculptures

Teenagers sculptures statuettes Portraits figurines commissions etc,

Look here for sculptures statues Figurines statuettes Maquettes Ornaments of Teenagers

Torsos Females/Women /Girls/Damsels

Look here for Torsos of Girl s, Adolescents female s, Women, Damsels Nymphs, Dryads, Naiads, Sprites, Harpies, Sirens etc

Torsos Sculptures

for male and female torsos

Toys Sculpture/statue/statuette/figurine

Lok here for sculptures of Toys/Dolls/Teddy Bears/Toy trains/Toy cars etc

Transport including Road/Rail/Air / Aircraft/Sea/ Maritime

Look here for statues, statuettes, ornaments, of Buses/Lorries/Cars/Bicycles/Trains/locomotives/Engines/Airoplanes/Rockets/Balloons/Sailing Ships/Steamships/Yachts/Boats/Canoes/Rowing Boats/Skiffs/Kyaks

Tree Plant Shrub Bonsai sculpture statue statuette

Look here for sculpture statues statuettes depicting Trees Shrubs Bonsai and Plants in bronze Carvings and other Materials

Trompe l'Oeil Low Relief Panel sculptures/statues/panels

Look Here for Trompe L`Oeil Panels or Plaques or Wall coverings. these are sculptures often painted to give the impression of a Three dimensional scene of Buildings or Landscapes or Seascapes or People. it is in effect a painted Bas Relief or Low Relief

Tubular Abstract Contemporary Post Modern Steel or Aluminium /Statues or Sculpture

Look here a for large Tubular Steel or Metal or aluminium sculpture For Sale or as a Basis for A Commission or Custom sculpture

Vegetable Sculptures/statues/statuettes,

Look here for Vegetable sculpture or abstract or Semi abstract vegetable sculptures, statues, statuettes, Figurines or Figures, Plaques, Etc. that do represent living Vegetables

Wall Mounted or Wall Hanging sculpture

For sculture that looks best on a wall

Water Birds/ Water Fowl/ Seabirds/ Waders

Look here for sculptures of all Wildfowl and Waterfowl like domestic and wild ducks, geese, swans as well as Seabirds like Sea Gulls, Albatrosses, Gannets, Boobies, Puffins, Shearwaters, Terns, Auks, Cormorants, Other Fresh water birds and Waders like Storks, Herons, Egrets, Flamingos, Dabchicks, Moorhens, Coots etc

Water Features, Fountains & Cascades

A sculpture that uses water in its display like a fountain or cascade. Also where it is strongly affiliated with water like a Heron, Frog, leaping Fish, a Bather or mermaid sculpture etc. some of these will appear in other categories as well. Water sculptures come in bronze, Copper, Steel, stainless steel, marble, Lime stone, Sand stone, Granite, Portland stone and a host of other materials

Wild Animals and Wild Life Sculptures

This includes contemporary sculptures of all Wild animals and all wild life, such as Tigers, Wolves, Lions, Aardvarks to Zebras, Mice to Mamoths.Wild animals of Africa, Like lions Elephants, Rhinos, Hippos, Gazells, Gorillas, Giraffs and wild animals of India and middle East like Tigers, Elephants etc Also include are Wild birds

Wild Bird Sculptures

Look here to find the Best Price and Best Selection on the website of sculptures of all wild birds, including Raptors, Birds of Passage, Migratory, Forest and Jungle Birds etc... See also categories, " garden Birds", "Wild Fowl and Water Birds", " Small Birds" etc

Willow, Bark and mosssculpture/statue/statuette

Willow sculptures or willow statues for the home or the garden of animals and figures this section now includes Bark, Moss and other plant life found objects

Wind Vanes & Weather Vanes & Weather Cocks

Look here for Artistic and Sculptural Wind and Weather Vanes And Weather Cocks all made by Artist Craftsmen individually and usually Commissioned to order, Bespoke or Custom to a mutually chosen design between the Artist and the Client

Wire(Mesh Netting Chicken) Metal Rod or Bar or Tube Sculpture

Look here for wire sculptures of animals, abstract s and figures. wire sculptures come in a variety of materials which include:- chcken wire, bronze wire mesh sculptures, steel mesh wire sculptures, stainless steel wire mesh sculptures, or simply wire tangled and compressed sculptures, and wire armatures

Woven Willow Animal and Figurative Sculptures or Statues & Art

Look here for Willow Art sculptures of Animals and People

Young Animal Bird, Reptile or Amphibian & possibly Insects statues

look here for the Young of all Animals often called Calves, Lambs, Foals, Colts, Yearlings, Kids, etc. the Young of Birds, Nestlings, Chicks, Fledgelings, Ducklings, etc Insects like Catterpillar, Pupae, Larvi, Amphibians Like Tadpols

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